T20 World Cup 2022 Schedule, All Teams, Time Table, Host, Venue Status

T20 World Cup 2022 Schedule, All Teams, Time Table, Host, Venue Status Check on this page. Cricket World cup 20 20 Date of Each  Match Check here.

T20 World Cup 2022 Schedule 

Everyone around the world is fond of cricket. The enthusiasm that comes on the face while talking about T20 World Cup 2022 is unmatched.   We have fresh news for you people that will again thrill your mind. Keep studying this page because we are going to tell you everything about the world cup 2022. It will be including its schedule, the teams participating in it, who will host it, its time table and even about the venue.

Host and schedule of T20 World Cup 2022

The organization hosting this world shaking event is BCCI. The organizer of it will be ICC. All the countries’ teams that would be participating in this huge tournament may feel the zeal on their face and in heart on 17 October 2022. This date is decided by ICC and the winner team will be announced on 14 November 2022. So take your heart and enjoy the ICC men’s T20 World Cup.

Venue of T20 World Cup 2022

The World Cup date has been postponed in 2020 has given a master idea to the organizers. All the preparations have already been done. To keep the third wave of covid-19 away from our cricket superstars, it is been organized in the United Arab Emirates. The preparations of the preliminary match rounds are also completed and are going to be in Oman City.

Teams participating in T20 World Cup 2022

We are here with all the information about the enthusiastic tournament about to begin. Although, the ICC has not announced a proper format of the teams that will participate but as speculated, we have the names of some of the teams with us that will be showing their capability in opening matches. The teams would be Namibia, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Oman, Ireland, Papua New Guinea and Scotland. Therefore, be prepared to fulfill all your fantasies during the tournament. Forget about all the work and keep attached with us.

T20 World Cup 2022 Timetable

Round 1: Matches

  • 17-10-21 Oman Vs Ireland
  • 17-10-2022 Bangladesh Vs Scotland
  • 18-10-2022 Ireland Vs Netherlands
  • 18-10-2022 Sri Lanka Vs Namibia
  • 19-10-2022 Scotland Vs Papua New Guinea
  • 19-10-2022 Oman Vs Bangladesh
  • 20-19-2022 Namibia Vs Netherlands
  • 20-19-2022 Sri Lanka Vs Ireland
  • 21-10-2022 Bangladesh Vs Papua New Guinea
  • 21-10-2022 Oman Vs Scotland
  • 22-10-2012 Namibia Vs Ireland
  • 22-10-2012 Sri Lanka Vs Netherlands

Super 12- Ground 1: Matches

  • 23-10-2022 Australia Vs South Africa
  • 24-10-2022 England Vs West Indies
  • 25-10-2022 A1 Vs B2
  • 26-10-2022 South Africa Vs West Indies
  • 27-10-2022 England Vs B2
  • 28-10-2022 Australia Vs A1
  • 29-10-2022 West Indies Vs B2
  • 30-10-2022 South Africa Vs A1
  • 30-10-2022 England Vs Australia
  • 01-11-2022 England Vs A1
  • 02-11-2022 South Africa Vs B2
  • 04-11-2022 Australia Vs B2
  • 06-11-2022 West Indies Vs A1
  • 06-11-2022 England Vs South Africa 

Super 12- Ground 2: Matches

  • 24-10-2022 India Vs Pakistan
  • 25-10-2022 Afghanistan Vs B1
  • 26-10-2022 Pakistan Vs New Zealand
  • 27-10-2022 B1 Vs A2
  • 29-10-2022 Afghanistan Vs Pakistan
  • 31-10-2022 Afghanistan Vs A2
  • 31-10-2022 India Vs New Zealand
  • 02-11-2022 Pakistan Vs A2
  • 03-11-2022 New Zealand Vs B1
  • 05-11-2022 New Zealand Vs A2
  • 05-11-2022 India Vs B1
  • 07-11-2022 New Zealand Vs Afghanistan
  • 07-11-2022 Pakistan Vs B1
  • 08-11-2022 India Vs A2

T20 World Cup 2022 ICC: Final and Semifinal Matches

  • 10-11-2022 TBC Vs TBC 1st Semi- Final
  • 11-11-2022 TBC Vs TBC 2nd Semi- Final
  • 14-11-2022 TBC Vs TBC Final