Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link [Assamese Singer] – Telegram, Instagram Leaked Video, MMS

Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link [Assamese Singer] – Telegram, Instagram Leaked Video, MMS: Recently another video got viral on the internet and on all social media platforms. This video is circulated all over the internet and made its way. In that video, the person is none other than Kritika Sharma, the famous Assamese singer. The video is mostly searched as Kritika Sharma’s viral video. So if you’re one of them who haven’t watched it yet and are looking for the link and who the person actually is read the full article given below.

Kritika Sharma Viral Video Watch Online – Assamese singer Viral Video:

Who is Kritika Sharma? Kritika Sharma is a 22-year-old Assamese singer who is currently pursuing her dreams. She has uninterruptedly lived all her life in Assam, her hometown. In terms of education, she did her bachelor’s degree in psychology and now pursuing a master’s in the same respective field. During her interview, she said that she had her parents by her side who motivated her and supported her in the hardest of her days. And her dad is her idol man. She has an intense love for singing as she has this inborn talent. She is also a social media influencer. Her Instagram id is @kritikasharm4 and she’s growing day by day. She all by herself and through her talent made it to around 64k followers on Instagram and many more.

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Kritika Sharma Viral Video

General Information Regarding the Kritika Sharma Song Viral on Social Media:

Name Of Singer Kritika Sharma
Belongs to Assam
Age 22-year-old
Occupation Student bachelor’s degree in psychology
Dream To become Singer
Followers On Instagram 63.7k
Name of Article Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link [Assamese Singer] – Telegram, Instagram Leaked Video, MMS
Name of Viral song Koi Nidiya Kiya
Year of Releasing Song 2022
Mode Of Download Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link Online Mode

Kritika sharma Assamese singer viral video – Kritika Sharma Leaked Video:

As far we’ve discussed about the singer kritika sharma. Now we will talk about the viral video of kritika sharma and what was there which made it viral. As she’s is a song writer and a composer, she recently posted a reel on Instagram in which she’s singing the song named koi nidiya kiyaw , which made that video viral. That video is very much liked by the people as her voice is very soothing. So this is all about the viral video of the assameese singer Kritika Sharma.


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