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Fastag Viral Video – Smart Watch Fastag Scam, Fastag Scanner Watch Fake or Real, Price

Fastag Viral Video – Smart Watch Fastag Scam, Fastag Scanner Watch Fake or Real, Price: Read all the news about FastTag Scam Viral Video here.

Searching for current news? Don’t worry. You are on the correct way. Recently the news has announced by the officials that A FASTag Scam Video is viral in which a child scans the FASTag while cleaning the car, and the amount is debited from the account. For more information about this viral video, you may scroll this page continue.

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Fastag Scanner Watch Fake or Real

FASTag Scam Child Stealing the money from the account. In this article, we discuss that is it Viral Video is Real or Fake? In today’s time, we grab detailed information from social media, with the help of videos and posts. Most human beings accept and forward this news, but it is infrequent that their fact check is completed. Currently, a video is going viral on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter regarding a scam of FASTag.

FastTag Scam Video Viral – Highlights

Name of Article Fastag Viral Video – Smart Watch Fastag Scam, Fastag Scanner Watch Fake or Real, Price
Type of Article News
Year 2022
FastTag Tagged Under 23 Banks of NPCI
FastTag Needed For Commercial and personal four wheelers
Paytm Clarification About this viral Video Fake
Status of FastTag Scam Video viral
NPCI Opinion About Video Fake
Video Viral On Social Media
Video Type Viral video

FastTag स्कैम वायरल वीडियो

पिछले एक-दो दिनों से सोशल मीडिया पर एक वीडियो वायरल हो रहा है जिसमें एक बच्चा कार की सफाई के दौरान फास्टैग स्कैन करता है और अकाउंट से पैसे चुरा लेता है. यह वीडियो कई प्लेटफॉर्म यानी व्हाट्सएप, फेसबुक और कई अन्य सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल है। FastTag स्कैम वायरल वीडियो के बारे में अधिक जानकारी पढ़ने के लिए, आप इस पृष्ठ के नीचे के भाग को देख सकते हैं।

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About FastTag

Fastag has been created necessary on every vehicle for Electronic Toll Collection. Fastag is labeled under 23 banks of National Highway Authority of India and NPCI. The main purpose of FASTag is to remove human interference on toll plazas. Payment is completed automatically after any vehicle reaches the toll plaza, but for this, it is necessary to recharge Fastag first. The government had created Fastag necessary for all commercial and personal four-wheelers. These terms and conditions came into impact in February 2021.

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Fastag Scanner Watch Fake or Real

Now, talk about whether the FASTag Scam Child Stealing Amount in Viral Video is Fake or Real. Nowadays, we grab various details by using social media. On Social Media, we share many videos and posts. Most people accept and give this information to others by forwarding it to another’s timeline. In a few days, a video is virally on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter related to a scam of FASTag. Here, we discuss what is in this video and how much reality is there in it.

How Much Reality is in FastTag Scam Video?

One of the two men in this FastTag Scam video told that the kid walking on the road, who immaculate the car or beg, are wearing a special smartwatch. This Smart Watch has a default scanner that scans the FASTag sticker on the car’s windshield and so the amount is withdrawn from your connected bank account or e-wallet.

Is Video Viral on Social Media?

The first thing to know is which video we are discussing here. Literally, a video is going viral on all social media platforms the few time in which two men are sitting in the vehicle and talking to a small kid who has come to immaculate the car. After scrubbing the car, when the boy does not take the amount, one of the two men runs behind him because the kid was wearing a smartwatch in his hand.

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FAQs Regarding FastTag Scam Viral Video

What is FastTag?

Fastag has been made necessary on every vehicle for the Collection of the Electronic Toll.

Is this FastTag Smartwatch Viral Video Fake?

According to some platforms and authorities, this video is fake.

Is this FastTag Scam Video real?

This is not specified whether it is real or not. Whenever it will declare that it is real or not, we will update you.

What is the opinion of the NPCI about the FastTag Scam Viral Video?

As per NPCI, this video is fake.

What is the clarification of Paytm for FastTag Scam Video?

According to the clarification of Paytm, this video is fake.

How Many Banks Tags FastTag?

Around a total of 23 banks of NPCI tag the FastTag.

What is the status of the FastTag Scam Video?

This FastTag Scam Video is viral on social media.

Is the scam video of Fast Tag viral on Whatsapp?

Yes, this video is viral on the Whatsapp Application.

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